Ashura and its relevance today

In the present Islamophobic social and political climate, at a time when extremist Muslim acts of terror and bloodshed dominate the news, many Shias feel fear or nervousness [...]

Spirituality in the Seminaries

In response to a request by directors of the Seminary Schools, in Iran, to receive money for building and purchasing numerous properties for the seminary cause, the late Imam [...]

Farewell to the month of Ramadan

“This month stood among us in a standing  place of praise, accompanied us with the  companionship of one approved, and profited us with  the most excellent profit of [...]

Why do Muslims Fast

  Certain truths are by nature evident and need not be discussed in normal circumstances.  But, in a day and age when the most evident truths are shrouded by the clouds [...]

The Reality of Supplication

The blessed months of Rajab, Shab’an and Ramadhan provide us with an opportunity to reflect upon the central theme of these months and that is supplication. These months [...]
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