The Reality of Supplication

The blessed months of Rajab, Shab’an and Ramadhan provide us with an opportunity to reflect upon the central theme of these months and that is supplication. These months [...]

How Much Love?

“The day when a man shall flee from his brother, his mother, his father, his spouse, and his children, each one of them on that day will have a concern which will occupy [...]

Inner Contentment

Ask most people what they want most in life and they will probably reply ‘happiness’: ask them the meaning of ‘happiness’ and they may well refer to material and [...]

Love; The core of Islamic Ethics

Islamic ethics is the code of morals that a believer follows in their daily life. That is the total code of conduct that shapes his life and guides him through this world [...]

5 ways to get closer to God

It is the never-ending pursuit of any God-fearing  Muslim to get closer to his Lord and establish a  relationship and connection with Him. The problem  many Muslims face [...]


It is not uncommon to hear people  say “How fast Muharram has come  and gone!” after the day of Ashura,  the day on which the grandson of  the Prophet and his family [...]

Travelling Light

I recently had to pack all my worldly possessions and move to a new country. When I mentioned to family, friends and colleagues that I was migrating, the response I got most [...]
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