Don’t Be A Backseat Daddy

We all know the famous saying of Prophet Muhammad(s) where he exhorts birr (familial devotion) towards a mother thrice before mentioning the father, there’s even a song

The role of intention

With the New Year having passed, it can only be assumed that we have a myriad of our own resolutions to tackle this year. It could be anything from getting out of debt to

The lessons and benefits of illness

During the past six months I have not felt able to write any articles, due to several health issues. For four months I had mysterious symptoms which no doctor was able to

Repentance: the premise of all worships

Repentance is a key concept in all monotheistic religions and all Abrahamic faiths have stressed its religious importance. On the contrary, other religions do not emphasise

The Prophets’MIRACLES

One of the most interesting questions related to theological affairs is to do with the nature and scope of miracles.  Miracles are a mysterious but fascinating

Reflections on the pilgrimage of love

Physically exhausting, yet spiritually uplifting, are the  words to describe the anniversary of 40 days after  the martyrdom of Imam Husayn(a) – the Arbaeen. I 

Haqq & Batil (Falsity & Verity)

Oh Batil! Where art thou? To bottle you, my ultimate goal now. To sell? Oh no, but to quarantine somehow! I wondered up and down, The whole world around, Witnessed from you,

The birth of the ‘Praised One’

Amina, lying in her humble cottage, felt the pains for which she had waited so long. As she raised herself on her bed, she saw the stars raining down upon her roof, stars of

An Islamic perspective on Cremation

Cremation is an ancient practice involving the reduction of a dead body to ashes by fire. It has been a common practice in Hindu culture for centuries as well in other

Muharram from the eye of a new Muslim

I didn’t have a clue what my fellow sisters were talking about. Still, from my basic reading, I did understand that the tragedy of Karbala had happened in the month of
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