To be a woman

Amongst the many challenges of growing up female in the 21st Century, I have found the greatest to be that of figuring out my identity as a woman.  ‘Who am I?’

Reflections on Peace and Submission

“… become content with the will of your Lord” Sometimes the most profound experiences in life take place after the most challenging of times. Things don’t make sense

Water & Roses for Imam Husayn(a)

While thousands of Muslims marched through London and different parts of Europe to protest against ISIS and terrorism and to commemorate the event of Karbala on the Day of

The why’s and what’s of death

For many of us, death is a reality we prefer not think too much about.  Yes, we know we all have to do die and we are all aware of the verse of the Holy Qur’an that

Insight into Imam Husayn’s struggle

Every year millions of Muslims commemorate the sacrifice of Imam Husayn Ibn Ali(a), the grandson of the Prophet(s) in Karbala during the month of Muharram. The story of his

The Blessing of an Honourable Family

Today there are 7.5 billion human beings on the planet, but when we categorise them so that we can understand them, we think of nations, races and religions. In fact, this

Making Muharram Matter

By the time this article goes to print, the world will have moved on. It will have moved on from the horrific stories of children being beheaded and men being shot while

Imam Ali(a); a Loving Father

On Eid al-Ghadir we celebrate the appointment of Imam Ali(a) as the successor to Prophet Muhammad(s). Imam Ali(a) was undoubtedly the greatest servant of God after the Holy
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