Lady Mary in the Qur’an

(Originally published on Issue 64, Nov/Dec 2018) In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful After listening to the previous presentation we are truly spiritually


(Originally published on Issue 63 Sep/Oct 2018) An employer and employee discuss a monthly payment rate, and the employee agrees to the proposed salary. Some months later,

Living Truthfully

When we discuss morality and values, it is difficult to state what value is the most essential or the most important. Regardless of religious affiliation or lack of it,


The relationship between art and the religion in Islam has been a complex one down the centuries. Such a wealthy variety of expressions and tendencies can be viewed as a

Faith vs Renunciation

It is part of the creed of faithful individuals to believe that God is Omnipotent, Just and Merciful. These three divine qualities are seemingly difficult to understand in

Imam Hasan’s Perspective on Politics

When we hear the word “politics,” images of unjust, greedy and corrupt rulers may spring to mind. Even at a more personal level, the word is considered negative when
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