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p.4 1979: The Turning Point The 38th Anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran p.6  Muslim Like Us or Muslims Not Like Us? by Hannah Smith p.8 Don’t Be A Backseat

In this issue

Learning Islamic Family Law…….. Beyond just a dialogue…….. Hawza in a Nutshell – Lessons on Akhlaq……. Haqq & Batil (Falsity

Islam today issue 42 December 2016

In this issue **The birth of the ‘Praised One’ **Love in Religions>>Dr Shomali‘s speech – at the University of Oxford **Hawza in a Nutshell – Learning

islam today issue – 40

In this issue : > 23rd Symposium of Shi’a Scholars, Imams and Preachers in the UK >Eid al-Ghadir celebration and Allameh Tabatabaei Award 2016 > Palermo: a

issue 38 August 2016

In this issue: On the Wings of Unity………..Interview with Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali >From the Islamic Centre’s desk…………Roundup

islam today -issue 36 – June 2016

  In this issue: The 7th Catholic – Shi’a Dialogue, Visit to the ‘Instituto Universitario Sophia’, Muslims and Christians dialogue – St. Ottilien

Issue 35 – May 2016

In this issue : -The Impact of Christian-Muslim Relations on World Peace Conference organised by the Canadian Mennonite University Speech by Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali -Lessons
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