issue 38 August 2016

In this issue: On the Wings of Unity………..Interview with Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali >From the Islamic Centre’s desk…………Roundup [...]

Issue 35 – May 2016

In this issue : -The Impact of Christian-Muslim Relations on World Peace Conference organised by the Canadian Mennonite University Speech by Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali -Lessons [...]

Issue 34 – April 2016

In this issue: Inclusiveness as a Strategy for Preventing and Countering Radicalisation Sheikh Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali’s speech – Brussels 3 March 2016 A [...]

Issue 33 – March 2016

In This issue: p.4 Prophecy, Yesterday and Today – Report on the annual interfaith conference p.6 Abraham: A role model and guide of Mankind by Hujjatul Islam Dr [...]

Issue 32 – February 2016

In this issue: p.4  The Statement of ICEL on the martyrdom of Sheikh Nimr p.5  Sheikh Shomali at ICEL Press Conference – 20155 p.6  Love Muhammmad p.8  St John [...]

At the end of the year three

November 2012 saw the inaugural issue of islam today. This November the magazine marks its 3rd birthday. Three years does not sound much but for all those who have been and [...]

In consideration of our worldview

The desire to live a virtuous life is central to the belief system of many religions. While the body of religious dos and don’ts offer the foundations for social [...]
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