islam today issue – 40

In this issue : > 23rd Symposium of Shi’a Scholars, Imams and Preachers in the UK >Eid al-Ghadir celebration and Allameh Tabatabaei Award 2016 > Palermo: a [...]

issue 38 August 2016

In this issue: On the Wings of Unity………..Interview with Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali >From the Islamic Centre’s desk…………Roundup [...]

Issue 35 – May 2016

In this issue : -The Impact of Christian-Muslim Relations on World Peace Conference organised by the Canadian Mennonite University Speech by Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali -Lessons [...]

Issue 34 – April 2016

In this issue: Inclusiveness as a Strategy for Preventing and Countering Radicalisation Sheikh Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali’s speech – Brussels 3 March 2016 A [...]

Issue 33 – March 2016

In This issue: p.4 Prophecy, Yesterday and Today – Report on the annual interfaith conference p.6 Abraham: A role model and guide of Mankind by Hujjatul Islam Dr [...]
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