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P.4: A Community in the spirit of the Holy Qur’an>Dr Shomali’s address to a gathering of religious preachers. P.8: Interfaith youth camp in Scotland> >P.10:

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  P.3: The Kawthar learning Circle Winter Retreat – Canada, P.8: The spiritual significance of the last nights of Ramadan, P.10: Camping for knowledge,  P.12: An

Making Muharram Matter

By the time this article goes to print, the world will have moved on. It will have moved on from the horrific stories of children being beheaded and men being shot while

Imam Ali(a); a Loving Father

On Eid al-Ghadir we celebrate the appointment of Imam Ali(a) as the successor to Prophet Muhammad(s). Imam Ali(a) was undoubtedly the greatest servant of God after the Holy

Ramadan beyond its customary practice

The month of Ramadan has been known as the month in which Muslims are required to fast from dawn to sunset. “Fasting” implies abstention from certain acts like eating,


  The fifteenth day of the Islamic month of Sha’ban is the birthday of an eagerly Awaited Saviour, Imam Mohammad al-Mahdi, revered by Shia’ Muslims across the world

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p.4 Interfaith Engagement, p.8 Hawza in a Nutshell- Reliance and hope, p.10 Middle-Age Mothering (and Fathering!), p.12 Art, p.14 The Remembrance  of God, p.16 Parenting the

In this issue

p.3 Special Award for Interreligious Dialogue: Islam and Christianity p.4 Can we call ourselves one faith? An Interfaith Conference p.6 Parenting the Soul by Batool Haydar

Don’t Be A Backseat Daddy

We all know the famous saying of Prophet Muhammad(s) where he exhorts birr (familial devotion) towards a mother thrice before mentioning the father, there’s even a song

The birth of the ‘Praised One’

Amina, lying in her humble cottage, felt the pains for which she had waited so long. As she raised herself on her bed, she saw the stars raining down upon her roof, stars of
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