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Interfaith Youth Camp in Scotland

(Originally published on Issue 64, Nov/Dec 2018) Participants expressed different expectations before the camp began but a recurrent theme was: “I would really like to

The Importance of Relating to Others

Originally published on Issue 58, April 2018 Is Islam a stranger in the West in general or in British society in particular? What understanding should Muslims have of Islam

A retreat with a difference

Originally published on Issue 49, July 2017 As Muslims when meeting a person with a different set of beliefs, our minds often get overloaded with thoughts, such as; Am I

The Allamah Tabatabai Award 2018

The award aims to recognise students who excel academically, awarding them for their achievements. By equipping them with life skills and giving them the necessary support,

Celebrating the Birth of the Prophet

December 2017 marked the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad(s), the Prophet of mercy. The Islamic College in London commemorated the occasion on December 6th with a magnificent

Water & Roses for Imam Husayn(a)

While thousands of Muslims marched through London and different parts of Europe to protest against ISIS and terrorism and to commemorate the event of Karbala on the Day of

Raising Tommorow’s Community

In May 2017, the Islamic Centre of England invited teachers from the Islamic School of Al-Mahdi Islamic Community Centre in Ontario, Canada to partake in an enlightening
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