Glass One to one with Richie Alli Richie Alli is a British glass artist based in Gloucester. Born in 1985, Alli studied Applied Arts at Plymouth College of Art and graduated [...]

The Prince and the Pir

  Historically, the histories of Iran and India have been intertwined at various stages. In the 16th century, with the invasion of the Mughals, a much stronger wave of [...]

In the spotlight

“This is a work that can only be seen, not talked about; all that can be said is that it brings cinema to a place beyond the question of fiction, documentary and video art. [...]

The Place to BE

“The arts are often neglected in society, people perceive them as a waste of time, but this has to change, we know that the arts are vital to inspiring future generations [...]

Art – Photography

  “The West’s loss of sincerity towards community is having a direct impact on cultural heritage. It is not these young men who are in crisis per sé; they are simply a [...]
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