Glass One to one with Richie Alli Richie Alli is a British glass artist based in Gloucester. Born in 1985, Alli studied Applied Arts at Plymouth College of Art and graduated

Art -One to One with Mohammed Ali

      “We scoured the earth looking for people who have real stories to tell about reli­gious freedom.” – Giovanna Abbiati, one of the organisers of

The Prince and the Pir

  Historically, the histories of Iran and India have been intertwined at various stages. In the 16th century, with the invasion of the Mughals, a much stronger wave of

In the spotlight

“This is a work that can only be seen, not talked about; all that can be said is that it brings cinema to a place beyond the question of fiction, documentary and video art.

The Place to BE

“The arts are often neglected in society, people perceive them as a waste of time, but this has to change, we know that the arts are vital to inspiring future generations

Art – Photography

  “The West’s loss of sincerity towards community is having a direct impact on cultural heritage. It is not these young men who are in crisis per sé; they are simply a
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