The Creation – Small Creatures

As we said last month, we will be talking about a few educational sermons of Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb(a).  He was taught by the Prophet Muhammad(s) himself so his words and teachings, together with his advice to the Muslims, have been a wonderful source of information and educational material.

After the sermons on the creation of the Sun, Moon and other elements in nature, Imam Ali(s) speaks about the creation of small but important creatures. His observations are a lesson for us and an encouragement to understand how incredible God’s creation is.

Through schools and studies children these days know a lot about ants, birds and spiders, but at the time of Imam Ali(s), the majority of people did not even have the basic knowledge about their surroundings. It was not usual for common people to study or consider God’s creation and that is why what the Imam described to them was nothing less than miraculous.

Imam Ali(a), in sermon 185, talks about ants. He describes this small creature with its small but strong body that goes around collecting grains and seeds to take it to its nest to store for the winter. “God the Greatest has given it legs by which to walk and to be able to do many things. The ant collects food when it is strong and fit and the food is more readily available, to prepare for those difficult times when food is scarce.”

Imam then tells us about the locust: “God gave it two red eyes, with pupils like two moons, gave it a small ear, and a suitable mouth. He gave it two front teeth to cut with and two sickle-like feet to grip with. And finally He gave it a great mind.”



He then moves to the story of birds. Amazingly he says that the birds are subject to God’s commands. “God knows the number of their feathers…He has made their feet stand on water and land… God knows all their species.” And then he names them; the crow, the eagle, the pigeon, the ostrich…

There are many more topics to learn from his teachings. Join us next month in our adventurous journey exploring Almighty God’s creation through the knowledgeable words of our leader; Imam Ali(a).


Ghazaleh Kamrani

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