In this issue

p.4 1979: The Turning Point
The 38th Anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran

p.6  Muslim Like Us or Muslims Not Like Us?
by Hannah Smith

p.8 Don’t Be A Backseat Daddy
by Batool Haydar

p.10 Hawza in a Nutshell – Lessons on Akhlaq
The role of ‘intention’
by Ezra Hashme

p.12 Art 

In the Spotlight
Do try this at home
My Favourite Things
by Moriam Grillo

p.14 ‘Repentance: The premise of all worships
by Abbas Di Palma

p.16 The lessons and benefits of illness
by Julia Khadija Lafene

p.18 In memoriam: Monsignor Hilarion Capucci
by Revd Frank Jullian Gelli

p.20 Dante’s Divine Comedy and Mi’raj
by Revd Frank Jullian Gelli

p.22 Discovery of the 79th human body organ
by Dr Laleh Lohrasbi

p.24Children Corner
Fathers & Daughters
by Ghazaleh Kamrani

p.26 What & Where of Events




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