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Illustrator Ghazaleh Kamrani

Dear Children, Assalam Alaikum.

I hope you are having a lovely summer holiday and enjoying your days along with your families and taking advantage of the hot weather.

Although summer is wonderful and you have more time for fun, remember not to stay under the sun for too long.

Like all other children in the world, the children in our story also are having fun by enjoying a few days out appreciating nature.

This year Anbar’s family decided to set up a tent. They have found a great spot near the river. There they met another family, a young boy with his father. The two families are now talking, playing and having fun together.

Look at the images our illustrator Ghazaleh has drawn for you. Anbar is having tea while her younger brother, under the watchful eyes of his mother, is swimming in the river and their newly found friends are playing football. Interestingly the gentleman in the middle seems to have had enough football for the day!

Anbar’s father is a keen photographer.  Wherever they go he is taking photos. This time he is even more interested to capture these moments with his family, as this is their first family trip to the nature.To make the images even more fun, Ghazaleh has left some differences in each image for you to have fun in finding them.


Now without looking at the answers in the image below, try to find five differences Ghazaleh has made in these two illustrations. 


Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani

Illustration by Ghazaleh Kamrani


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