The Muslim-Christian Shrine of Bulgaria

Deep in the forests of northeast Bulgaria, where green, grassy hills come tumbling down from the Romanian border, there lays an intriguing holy man revered by both Muslims

Pope Francis warns against Nuclear War

There is a small card that Pope Francis distributed around the Vatican over Christmas. It shows a small Japanese child carrying his dead brother on his back. ‘The fruits of

Spirituality VS psychotherapy

One cannot deny the benefits that a person can obtain by consulting a professional psychiatrist but one should underline the difference between the spiritual aspects of our


I have spent the last two months visiting a Palestinian gallery in the centre of London. A stone’s throw away from St Pancras International, the P21 gallery is an exciting

You, Me and Him

When we look back at the past, we can often pinpoint certain circumstances or events that stand out as times of awakening, as ‘eye-openers’ that changed our

Celebrating the Birth of the Prophet

December 2017 marked the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad(s), the Prophet of mercy. The Islamic College in London commemorated the occasion on December 6th with a magnificent

United under the mantel of Prophet

The Sparkbrook Masjid and Islamic Centre in Birmingham organised a conference last December titled “Unity of Ummah in the light of the Sirah of the Prophet of Islam”,

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P4: United uner the mantel of the Prophet P6: Celebrating the Birth of the Prophet P8: Wings of Unity: Effective and Affective Dialogue P10: Artificial Intelligence – The
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