October 2018

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P.3 Winners of the Imam Redha(a) art competition announced! p.4 The Kawthar Learning Circle 3rd Annual Summer Retreat P.6 Open Doors to Knowledge and Faith P.8 The Tough [...]

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8 October A Literature for All Its Citizens: Aesthetics of Co-Existence in Israel/ Palestine This current research project and manuscript in progress is the first chronicle [...]

One World, One Planet

Animal extinction Day by day, the world’s population increases. All these people need somewhere to live! Therefore, human beings have moved into wild places where only [...]

Brussels’ Oriental Gem

Amidst the urban sprawl of Belgium’s capital city, Brussels, there is a large patch of pristine greenery in the city’s European quarter. There, perched on the very [...]

Justice according to the Bible

The subject of justice points us first and foremost to God himself. In the Old Testament, God describes himself to Moses as: “I am who I am”. Throughout the Old Testament [...]

Understanding Fairness in Islam

An employer and employee discuss a monthly payment rate, and the employee agrees to the proposed salary. Some months later, the employer discovers that her employee’s [...]

Living Truthfully

When we discuss morality and values, it is difficult to state what value is the most essential or the most important. Regardless of religious affiliation or lack of it, [...]


Art is often used as a tool to build bridges between communities. It is a means to encourage unity and a reminder of the oft-used saying: we share more that unites us than [...]


When I was in high school, we had an excellent English teacher who taught us what the skeleton of a good piece of writing should be. “You must always have an introduction, [...]
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