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    24 December, 2018

    P.4: A Community in the spirit of the Holy Qur’an>Dr Shomali’s address to a gathering of religious preachers. P.8: Interfaith youth camp in Scotland> >P.10: Muhammad(s) [...]
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    2 October, 2018

    P.3 Winners of the Imam Redha(a) art competition announced! p.4 The Kawthar Learning Circle 3rd Annual Summer Retreat P.6 Open Doors to Knowledge and Faith P.8 The Tough [...]


  • In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful I am grateful to God for giving us the blessing of getting together again to renew our bonds of brotherhood, to renew our [...]
  • The subject of justice points us first and foremost to God himself. In the Old Testament, God describes himself to Moses as: “I am who I am”. Throughout the Old Testament [...]


  • Lady Mary in the Qur’an

    25 December, 2018

    In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful After listening to the previous presentation we are truly spiritually prepared and attuned, albeit it is difficult to [...]
  • No Picture
    Participants expressed different expectations before the camp began but a recurrent theme was: “I would really like to spend some quality time in an interfaith environment [...]

Community News

Children Corner

  • Organic Waste

    25 December, 2018

    Imagine you have eaten your food; is anything left in your dish? What do you intend to do with it? You might think what a strange question, but you should not throw away the [...]
  • One World, One Planet

    1 October, 2018

    Animal extinction Day by day, the world’s population increases. All these people need somewhere to live! Therefore, human beings have moved into wild places where only [...]


  • َART

    25 December, 2018

    “We exist, we are here, we’ve been here for a long time and you need to be able to see us.” Wasi Daniju, Photographer Manifesting the Unseen Manifesting the Unseen is [...]
  • Art

    1 October, 2018

    Art is often used as a tool to build bridges between communities. It is a means to encourage unity and a reminder of the oft-used saying: we share more that unites us than [...]

What& Where

  • Listing of Events

    1 October, 2018

    8 October A Literature for All Its Citizens: Aesthetics of Co-Existence in Israel/ Palestine This current research project and manuscript in progress is the first chronicle [...]
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    31 July, 2018

    Through August Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an Conducted by: Shaykh M S Bahmanpour Venue: Islamic Centre of England, 140 Maida Vale, London W9 1QB Time: Every Friday starting at [...]


  • Up to 4 years of age At The Masjid (Learning Series) By Umm Tariq Illustrated by Heather Greenwood Compass Books (2010) Despite the growth of good quality children’s [...]
  • If you’re anything like me you might have switched off the telly after watching the BBC’s latest Islamophilic-offering ‘Muslims Like Us’, in the midst of some serious [...]


  • Lifesaving skin replacement

    31 December, 2017

    Hassan is only 9 years old, but he has suffered much more than a lifetime. Every single day, especially the first seven years, his life was overshadowed by a deadly disease. [...]
  • The man with golden arm

    30 October, 2017

    James Harrison is the Australian donor whose blood has saved millions of lives over the world including almost all of the Australian babies at risk of developing Rhesus [...]


  • Week of Unity

    19 March, 2019

    1st– 8th December 2018 Loppiano & Trento On December 1st 2018, Shia Muslims from different corners of the world gathered in Loppiano for the eagerly awaited [...]
  • Dr Shomali began his talk by congratulating the participants for having chosen such an auspicious occasion to show their commitment towards unity. He reminded the audience of [...]
  • It is a great honour to be here with you and to celebrate together the birth anniversary ofProphet Muhammad (s) and Imam Sadiq (a) and also to emphasise the significance and [...]


Life & Community

  • Learning Curves

    25 December, 2018

    “When a sincere servant loves God, his only ambition is to attract the love of God to himself.” – Allameh Tabatabai. So we have been experimenting with home [...]
  • In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful Today we find that we have a paradox in the world, for, on one hand, we have a great expansion, which some may call an [...]

    25 December, 2018


    1 October, 2018

    When I was in high school, we had an excellent English teacher who taught us what the skeleton of a good piece of writing should be. “You must always have an introduction, [...]
  • The Tough Muslims of Kargil

    1 October, 2018

    Nestled in the Zaskar Range of the Himalayas, Kargil is one of world’s coldest permanently inhabited places. Renowned globally for its snow-capped peaks and sprawling [...]


  • The very first plot of British land exclusively for the use of Muslims was not a space set aside for a mosque. In fact, it wasn’t even set aside for the living. Long before [...]
  • Brussels’ Oriental Gem

    1 October, 2018

    Amidst the urban sprawl of Belgium’s capital city, Brussels, there is a large patch of pristine greenery in the city’s European quarter. There, perched on the very [...]
  • The Tough Muslims of Kargil

    1 October, 2018

    Nestled in the Zaskar Range of the Himalayas, Kargil is one of world’s coldest permanently inhabited places. Renowned globally for its snow-capped peaks and sprawling [...]


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