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    2 October, 2017

    P.3 Sunni and Shi‘a brothers in faith, travel to Iran- by Dr Muhammad Adrees,   p.6 UK Shi‘a scholars and preachers discuss ways to present Islam – by Fatima [...]
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    29 August, 2017

    p. 4 Spiritual Retreat Camp    Kawthar Learning Circle West Coast – Canada p. 10 What About Me?  by Batool Haydar p. 12 Home education and Muslim families  by [...]


  • Today there are 7.5 billion human beings on the planet, but when we categorise them so that we can understand them, we think of nations, races and religions. In fact, this [...]
  • Making Muharram Matter

    2 October, 2017

    By the time this article goes to print, the world will have moved on. It will have moved on from the horrific stories of children being beheaded and men being shot while [...]


  • Tf 500 years ago the German, Augustinian monk Martin Luther had not nailed his ultra-famous 95 theological theses to the doors of a church in Wittenberg, what would the [...]
  • Faith & Learning

    2 October, 2017

    Representatives of Muslim and Christian faiths gathered at Saint Augustine church in Kilburn, northwest London, on 9 September 2017, for an interfaith forum. The ornately [...]

Community News


  • Up to 4 years of age At The Masjid (Learning Series) By Umm Tariq Illustrated by Heather Greenwood Compass Books (2010) Despite the growth of good quality children’s [...]
  • If you’re anything like me you might have switched off the telly after watching the BBC’s latest Islamophilic-offering ‘Muslims Like Us’, in the midst of some serious [...]


Children Corner

  • Every year around this time Shi‘a Muslims around the world commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Husayn ibn Ali(a). The events of the last days of the life of  Prophet’s [...]
  • Summer Camp

    1 September, 2017

    Dear Children Assalum un Alaikum Have you had a joyful summer? What activities did you take up? Did you go outside to nature? We hope you had a lovely summer and now are [...]


  • ART

    2 October, 2017

    Exploring Contemporary Muslim Art, Culture and Heritage in Britain Last month I attended a conference organised by the Muslims in Britain Research Network. The event invited [...]
  • ART

    1 September, 2017

    Up North For the last few summers, I have enjoyed visiting galleries in the north of England, namely the Nottingham contemporary, Tate Liverpool, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and [...]

What& Where

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    2 October, 2017

    Through October Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an Conducted by: Shaykh M S Bahmanpour Venue: Islamic Centre of England, 140 Maida Vale, London W9 1QB Time: Every Friday [...]
  • What and Where

    1 September, 2017

    Through September Tafseer of the Holy Qur’an Conducted by: Shaykh M S Bahmanpour Venue: Islamic Centre of England, 140 Maida Vale, London W9 1QB Time: Every Friday [...]



Life & Community

  • My experience of this journey to the Islamic Republic of Iran started with a mild anxiety and fear. By the way the media constantly portrayed Iran, in the back of my mind, I [...]
  • The 25th annual meeting of UK Ulema (clergymen), community leaders and teachers, was held on 16 September, prior to the commencement of the month of Muharram and [...]
  • What About Me?

    1 September, 2017

    One of the greatest challenges of motherhood is the level of never-ending commitment involved.  From the moment you become aware that you are nurturing a life within you, [...]
  • For many people in the UK, the education of children and young people is synonymous with schools; it can come as quite a surprise to hear that it is possible to educate [...]
  • Almost from the day my daughter was born, I have received friendly emails from various ‘child-expert’ brands educating me about the various stages of growth she would [...]


  •   You have to work extremely hard to reach this forgotten gem of European Muslim heritage. The Bender Fortress sits in a harsh little corner of Eastern Europe, close to [...]
  • The little town of Woking in Surrey, England, sits just outside London’s motorway belt, the M25, surrounded by thick woodland with an idyllic canal running through it. It [...]
  • They say if you wander through the lush, green hills of the Serra di Sintra on bright moonlit nights, chances are you will come upon a stunning Moorish maiden all in white. [...]


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